The true story of
Arthur Linton, Jimmy Michael and their brothers

Endorsement Note from Paul Dimeo (University of Stirling)

Paul Dimeo (University of Stirling) author of ĎA History of Drug Use In Sport 1876 Ė 1976í (Routledge), has written in regard to the public forum on Arthur Lintonís life held on 6 December at Cynon Valley Museum:

I am sorry to miss what Iím sure will be a wonderful occasion. I fully support the celebration of Arthurís life. Not only was he a world-class cyclist and a sporting hero, but it is tragic that his reputation has been tarnished by accusations of doping. I feel strongly that people who have repeated these claims without thinking about the evidence or the humanity of Arthur and his brothers should be ashamed of themselves.

On a more positive note the work to revive the memories of a great Welsh family should be applauded. I do hope the memorial (Blue Plaque) and book will serve as a fitting dedication to a great life

All the best